The best way to sharpen a language that you are learning is to talk with people who speaks the language as a native speaker, or at least much more fluent than you. Even if you live in a big city filled with plenty of native speakers of the language that you are trying to master, you might still find it helpful to use this website to find a specific person who is interested in helping you, either for free or for a fee. Our bulletin board is designed to help you with that, or to help a teacher to find a student.

Additionally, we try to provide on our website a guidance of ESL resources available. An overview was given regarding various types of Conversation Partner and where you might be able to find them. A list of ten helpful ESL websites and introduction to them were provided. Further directions, tips and keywords for Internet-searching, such as “Learn English using Movie, Songs, Bible or iPad” were also provided.

To complete the list of helpful tools in learning English, many shopping links were also provided: Books, CD, speaking dictionaries, Apps and software, etc.