ESL Books

Although there are many free resources available on the Internet, formally published study materials are usually more systematic and well-developed. You will also find it convenient to have a printed copy at hand. This page focuses on ESL Books. For more types of ESL resources other than books, please check out the the drop-down menus under “Shop” and “Resources”.

As one of the the oldest learning material, printed-book is the most abundant type of resource available and still has its own advantages over other technology products. So don’t be surprised when you learn that there are thousands of ESL books available online for both the students and teachers. Let’s take check out the three giant online stores below to see what they have to offer.

Barnes & Noble Bookstore Online:

B&N has a dedicated category for ESL books, ESL (English as a Second Language) – Reference. A dedicated category helps a lot in saving us the time and efforts of weeding out unrelated items. Some of the books include Audio CDs. If you have an e-reader, then you should also check out the Nook Books. Online Bookstore:

Amazon doesn’t have an official category for ESL, but it has many Listmania focusing on ESL. What are Listmania? They are whole bunch of lists of recommended products generated by the community of volunteer experts. These lists can be very handy when you are confronted with thousands books to choose from. Here are some good example lists below and there are many more.


eBay doesn’t have a dedicated category for ESL, but its search engine allows us to narrow down to what we are looking for quickly. See some examples below. One thing about searching for ESL DVD is that there is a movie just called “ESL – English as a Second Language (DVD, 2007)” showing up everywhere. It may not be exactly what we are looking for, but there’s no way to filter it out. If you are not particularly interested in a movie, you just have to overlook it.