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You are welcome to post your request of a language exchange conversation partner here. You could find a great help and even a life-time friend here. Suggested contents are:

Self Introduction:
Languages: your language(s) & level, requesting language(s) & level
Location: country, city and/or zipcode, or Skype
Suggested time & frequency:
Cost: free, or willing to pay ?$/hr, or charging ?$/hr
Contact: phone, email (certain encryption recommended to avoid getting spams)
Special request(s):
Optional: photo, links, website, social media pages (FaceBook Twitter, YouTube…)

After you post your request as a reply/comment, you won’t see it posted immediately because we need to moderate this bulletin board to weed out all the spams. Our service is free, but you could choose to charge or pay for an hourly fee to your language-pal. To support this site and our service, you could simply shop though our shopping links.

Thanks for your participation.

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