Gift Cards

Gift card is a great gift idea. It can save the gift-giver a lot of headache thinking about what to buy. Gift recipient can use the card to buy whatever they like. Sometimes, if the recipient would rather trade the card for cash, they can do that on eBay or a number of gift card sites. In other words, if you are looking for a gift card under the face value, you can buy it from them on eBay.

Although you don’t usually see Amazon gift cards selling on eBay with a discount, you can still save a lot of shopping time by simply choosing it as a gift. The wide spectrum of products on Amazon ensures there must be something that your gift recipient will like.

Compare Amazon Gift Cards on eBay and on You can only buy them at the face value on, but you get more varieties to choose from, and that saves you time. There are gift cards in a gift box and gift cards in a greeting card to choose from. Running out of time? No problem, just Email an Amazon Gift Card instantly to your gift recipient.

Sometimes, you can still find Amazon gift cards sold at fixed price for less than the face value on eBay if you watch closely. You can also find Amazon gift cards auctioned for less than face value on eBay more often. The above 2 links are 2-week historic prices. If you are interested, you can simply switch the Selling Status to “Active” to start buying or bidding.

Gift Card Hunt: If you have some time, you can buy Amazon gift cards, or any other gift cards, well under their face value on eBay. Try our GiftFinder Web App. It’s developed to help you discover gift cards on eBay at deep discounts.