Speaking Dictionaries

Electronic speaking or talking dictionary is becoming a must-have tool for anyone trying to learn a foreign language. It works primarily as a dictionary, thesaurus, pronunciation demonstration and a translator (from a single word to a whole paragraph). The newest models can perform translation from a snapshot or from free speech.  There are also many more useful auxiliary functions, metric conversion, currency conversion, world clock, calendar and many others that probably more than one could ever imagine (see the two featured products below for examples)

This type of gadget is becoming so popular that there are hundreds of models, new and old, to choose from. One quick strategy to narrow them down will be to look up the best sellers (see below). Another way is to compare the newest models each manufacturer has to offer. You can find the newest models by visiting manufacturers’ website. If the price of the newest one is more than what you are willing to pay, you can trace back to the older models, usually with a smaller model number, until the price is acceptable.  For reliability, one factor to consider is how much experiences each manufacturer has have in this business. It is indicated by how many products they have produced (see below). The last but never the least, of cause, is to read custom feedback and compare the satisfactory scores.

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After weeding out manufacturers from our search result that are not really offering electronic speaking dictionaries, we then sorted them by the number of products they have produced so far. The resulting list is as below. Click on each link to see their products in more details.

* Hint: Visit manufacturers’ websites to see the newest products.

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Comparison of Two Newest Translators from Two Oldest Manufacturers:

Franklin EST-7117 vs. ECTACO Partner LUX 2