Conversation Partner

Having a Conversation Partner can help greatly with the your English learning process. Conversation makes the learning more interesting. Any error in grammar, pronunciation or usage can be correct immediately. During the conversation, you could also enrich cultural experience and even develop a life-time friendship, too.

If you are in Berkeley, CA, or within a reasonable driving distance, you are welcome to join us in our TalkTime Free English Conversation Club. We have friendly and experienced volunteers eager to make conversation with you. Our program includes one-on-one or small group conversation over an interesting topic, learning English using music, Bible and movies and all kinds of activities and fun events.

No matter where you are, there are many ways that you could try to find a conversation partner. You could search the Internet with some keywords combining with the name of the city where you’d like to meet with your conversation partner. Locally, you could also look up the ads on a bulletin board, or on the local websites. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you could post your own ads.

Below is an overview of different types of Conversation Partner you may find. Suggesting keywords that you could use to search for them are provided.

Language Exchange: Meeting up in a cafĂ© once a week and have a conversation, speaking half an hour in English that you want to learn from your partner (a native English- speaker) and half an hour in your native language that your partner wants to learn from you. You may find this type of ads on a local bulletin board, or you can post one. When searching on the Internet, use keywords such as “language exchange” or “conversation exchange”. One of this type of service is To find your Conversation Partner locally, you should narrow down your search by combining the keywords with the name of your target city.

Adult Learning School/Center: Many cities which have significant number of immigrants will provide ESL class as one of their services. When searching on the Internet, use keywords such as “adult school”, “adult education”, or “adult learning”, in combination with the name of your target city.

Free English Program: It could be sponsored by any public organization, such as schools, libraries, community centers, churches or nonprofit organizations. The setting can vary from one-on-one, a small group, to a big class. There may or may not be a nominal (small) fee. When searching on the Internet, use keywords such as “free English”, or “ESL class” in combination with the city name.

Online English Tutors: Online tutoring is becoming popular. If you cannot find a conversation partner locally, this may be a good alternative to consider. Take a look at to get an idea. When searching on the Internet, use keywords such as “online English tutor”, or “online English teacher”.